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Since 1994, Mountain High Plumbing has remained a well-known name in the Flagstaff region. We cherish our modest beginnings as a family-focused plumbing company, established and run by Jim Velez, Sr., alongside his wife, Alana, and their son, Jimmy. Jim Sr. and Jimmy each bring a unique set of skills to the table, which means our customers always get the very best service from our local, family-owned business.

At Mountain High Plumbing, our commitment revolves around making customer satisfaction our top priority. We owe our stellar reputation to the fact that our seasoned Flagstaff plumbing company has aimed for excellence since day one. Combining a great deal of experience with exceptional workmanship and the most affordable prices, we take a truly unique approach. Our insured, bonded, and licensed plumbers are both honest and reliable. Our team only includes the most committed, knowledgeable, and diligent people, and we’re confident that you will agree. We can’t wait to show you why we’re the top plumbing business in Northern Arizona, so reach out to our Flagstaff plumbing service today!

Bird came out quickly yesterday morning and explained the game plan to get our pipe fixed so we could get our water back on fast. Bird was polite, patient and efficient. He made the calls needed to get our plumbing appropriately marked so we'd avoid damage with digging. He was EARLIER than what he told me to plan for, which I appreciated. It is hard to find reliable people in Northern Arizona for most repair services, and the company we used for our last plumbing issue was a literal nightmare. Thank you for making this issue as painless as possible. This is the only company I'll call for my plumbing issues.
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All About Drain Cleaning

The Power of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a cutting-edge method that employs a unique, high-pressure water hose to thoroughly cleanse your plumbing system. The procedure starts with an initial examination using a specialized camera to identify any pre-existing damage that might impede the use of hydro jetting equipment. The hydro jetting service commences once we have determined that your system is not damaged. This involves a meticulous positioning of the high-pressure hose, connecting it to a professional-grade water tank, and ensuring the optimal insertion point, a critical step in the process.

We set out to complete the task using gravity, a strong hose, and a powerful surge of water. This effective and cohesive interaction powers water through your plumbing at a rate of approximately 20 gallons per minute. A forward-facing jet aids in debris removal, while rear-facing jets and water move the nozzle through the pipes. Hydro jetting is an excellent method for removing mineral buildup, grease, tree roots, and any other waste that may present an issue in the future. If you have a really stubborn clog, your favorite drain cleaning contractor would most likely recommend this procedure to give you the greatest results.

Exploring Hydro Jetting Heads

Hydro jetting heads are diverse tools of the trade for our drain cleaning company, and each comes with its own set of advantages. Drain cleaning professionals carefully choose these heads based on the individual features of obstructions and material discovered during inspections. Let's look at the various kinds of hydro jetting heads:

The Leader is an adaptable instrument for handling difficult-to-reach or complex regions such as vertical drops, P-traps, curves, and pipe bends. The adaptable head expertly navigates these complex places while also guiding the line.

Ice Heads are the preferred choice when dealing with frozen blockages. These heads utilize a potent combination of front and rear-facing jets, hot water, and a sharp tip to aggressively penetrate ice blockages. The result is efficient ice clearance and melting.

Penetrator Heads employ a straightforward approach. They incorporate a powerful forward jet along with rear-facing jets. The forward jet efficiently breaks through softer obstructions, establishing a starting point. When withdrawn, the head removes the clog along with it. This method is highly effective in clearing clogs in both directions.

Warthog Heads are the weapon of choice when a plumber needs to bring in the big guns. The tenacious heads spin at a rapid rate, working hard to eliminate complex and difficult clogs of many kinds. However, their power must be used with care because improper use can cause a great deal of damage to your plumbing. Our plumbing professionals know all the ins and outs of hydro jetting, so we know how to safeguard your plumbing as we perform this powerful service.

Grease Heads are purpose-built to address built-up grease.They feature a rotating nozzle that ejects water perpendicularly to the head. Grease heads concentrate mainly on cleansing the inner walls of the pipe, and they require another cleaning head to come after them for thorough results, but the high water pressure successfully scrubs away stubborn, adhered grease as it goes down the pipe.

What can I do to prevent drain clogs?

Pick up a mesh drain strainer.

Opt for an economical mesh drain strainer to effectively ensnare food particles and other materials. Installing it is a straightforward process, and don't forget to empty it on a regular basis to discard the accumulated debris.

Do not put grease down your sink - even in small amounts.

Grease and cooking oils are detrimental to your plumbing. They have a knack for solidifying, adhering to other particles, and over time, creating stubborn, dense blockages. Instead of flushing these items, opt for a better solution: store your grease in a can or glass jar and dispose of it in your usual household trash when it's full (and cooled off).

Take advantage of everyday, budget-friendly kitchen essentials like baking soda and vinegar.

For a supercharged cleaning, mix two cups of vinegar with a cup of baking soda. Pour this dynamic mixture down the drain and allow it to effervesce for approximately 15 minutes. Follow up with a thorough flush of hot water, leaving your drain refreshingly clean and remarkably fresh. Baking soda, with its odor-absorbing abilities, is your go-to for keeping your sink and drain clean. Sprinkle it into your kitchen drain on a regular basis and rinse well with hot water. Vinegar, renowned for its natural deodorizing properties and its ability to combat food particles with its acetic acid strength, is also a key player in drain maintenance. Provide your drain with a weekly boost by pouring a cup of vinegar down it and allowing it to sit for 30 minutes before completing the process with a thorough hot water flush. This cost-effective method is beloved by plumbers and ensures your drain remains in excellent condition.

Steer clear of harsh chemical products.

When it comes to household cleaning, it's a prudent choice to embrace natural alternatives. Conventional cleaning chemicals not only jeopardize your well-being, but can also damage your plumbing. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the versatility and effectiveness of ingredients like vinegar and baking soda for various cleaning chores around the house. There is a wide array of safe and efficient cleaning products available that can supplant the necessity for harsh chemical cleansers. On the surface, chemical drain cleaners may seem to be a quick remedy. What you can't easily see is the very acidic mix and the corrosion damage these products can cause to your plumbing. The use of these aggressive cleansers on a regular basis may cause clogs due to the accumulation of corrosive deposits. If you have a tough clog, contact Mountain High Plumbing for our skilled drain cleaning service.

Avoid disposing of food scraps in your kitchen sink.

In order to prevent clogs and maintain a clear drain, exercise care in what you dispose of down the drain. A practical step is to scrape any remaining food particles into the trash can before washing your dishes.

Give your kitchen drains a regular hot water rinse.

If your sink is prone to clogging, try pouring very hot water down the drain on a weekly basis to deter excessive buildup. After each use of your kitchen sink, establish a routine of running hot water down the drain. This habit assists in pushing away small food particles, soap residue, and other materials to prevent clogs.

Learn about proper garbage disposal use.

When using your garbage disposal, it's important to maintain a continuous flow of cold water. Keep the water flowing for approximately one minute after you've switched off the disposal. This action eliminates any undesirable odors, guarantees that food remnants are effectively flushed through the pipes, and contributes to an efficient grinding process. It's a widespread misperception that trash cans and garbage disposals are interchangeable. Garbage disposal clogs can lead to expensive and messy complications. While garbage disposals are convenient, it is critical to understand what you should and should not put into them. Do not put any of the following into your garbage disposal:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Meat or bones
  • Rice, pasta, and other starches
  • Eggshells Chemicals or paint
  • Any type of paper product Fibrous fruit or vegetable rinds or peels

What differentiates soft plugs from hard plugs?

Obstructive clogs come in two primary categories: soft plugs and hard plugs.

Soft Plugs

These are gradual accumulations that tend to build up over time. Often, these soft blockages settle in pipe bends or adhere to imperfections in the pipes, eventually leading to a complete obstruction and the formation of a water dam. They are commonly caused by materials like grease, tissue, or baby wipes. While traditional plumbing snakes may temporarily puncture the blockage, the material typically reseals itself, worsening the issue. Hydro jetting is the preferred method for a comprehensive drain cleaning, effectively eliminating soft blockages.

Hard Plugs

These blockages occur when foreign objects or debris physically clog the pipe. Trying to dislodge solid blockages without professional help poses a risk of causing significant damage and incurring expensive repairs. Solid blockages can arise from inadvertent flushing or the unexpected presence of items like tree roots, rocks, or children's toys in the plumbing system, as well as the gradual buildup of mineral deposits. When you get in touch with Mountain High Plumbing, our experienced drain cleaning service near you will meticulously examine the pipes, identify the origin and location of the obstruction, and employ advanced techniques like hydro jetting to eliminate solid clogs and restore your plumbing to its normal functionality.

How can you tell if a drain is clogged?

When customers call our Flagstaff drain cleaning company for help, they often report one or more of the following symptoms of a drain clog:

  • Sewer waste in the cleanout
  • Sewage odors or musty smells
  • Toilet clogs that can’t be cleared using a plunger
  • Evidence of pests in pipes
  • Water backing up in drains when you flush the toilet
  • Steadily increasing water bill prices (a sign of inefficiency)
  • Backed up water in household fixtures like tub or sink
  • Slow sink drain(s)
  • Pooled water Clogged or overflowing toilet(s)
  • Gurgling sounds or air bubbles

When you call Mountain High Plumbing for drain clog assistance and we leave you with clean drains, we'll also inspect to make sure you don't need drain line repair or drain line replacement. This decision will be based on a number of criteria, including if you've had recurring problems with clogged drains, whether we uncover symptoms of a leak, whether a basic clog removal addresses the problem well, and the age of your pipes. Reach out today for the best drain cleaning service in Flagstaff if you see any of the above indicators of a problem.

What can cause a drain clog?

Here is a list of items and substances that our Flagstaff drain cleaning experts deem particularly harmful to your home's drains, along with the underlying reasons.

Toys might enter the toilet via a small child, posing a serious threat to the function of your plumbing system. These foreign objects enter pipes, then swiftly obstruct or damage the plumbing.

Cat Litter might carry a "flushable" label, it should never be disposed of in your toilet. Flushing cat feces introduces potential human health risks, and the litter can pose significant damage to your plumbing. Cat excrement can disturb the healthy bacteria necessary for septic system efficiency, causing problems to escalate. In systems routed to treatment facilities, animal waste poses a danger since these facilities are designed for human waste and are ill-equipped to handle the unique bacteria found in animal feces.

Stringy Things Like Dental Floss or Hair tend to clog pipes and drains by tangling, clustering, sticking to drain and pipe walls, and merging with grease and soap scum. To avoid such obstructions, use a drain guard, prioritize shower drain maintenance, and dispose of hair in the trash.

Vegetable or Fruit Peels or Rinds can lead to significant damage to pipes, disposals, and drains, and they have the potential to jam your garbage disposal blades.

Starchy Foods Like Pasta or Rice may swell, become adhesive, and trap other materials or food particles, ultimately giving rise to stubborn plumbing blockages.

Feminine Hygiene Products and Cotton Swabs do not disintegrate or degrade upon flushing, leading to their expansion, accumulation, and the formation of significant clogs.

Cosmetic Towelettes or Wipes have a tendency to stick to imperfections or bends in pipes. Even those that are labeled "flushable" are known to collect and cause pipe clogs.

Eggshells can be problematic when they find their way into your drains, pipes, or garbage disposal. They break down into minuscule granules that readily adhere to sludge within pipes, resulting in persistent clogs. Fat, Oil, or Grease readily harden and congeal within pipes, causing stubborn and significant obstructions.

You deserve the best drain cleaning in Flagstaff, so give Mountain High Plumbing a call today at (928) 774-3593.