We had a clogged pipe in our newly built home. It should not have happened. We contacted Mountain High Pluming and they were able to clear the clog. Great service , professional and came quickly to help. I highly recommend them. Thank you Mountain High Pluming for saving us.
Pat Therrien Avatar
Pat Therrien
They did an excellent job. On time, efficient and friendly!
Geraldine Sidwell Avatar
Geraldine Sidwell
Thanks Tony! Awesome company; great follow through, prompt service and competency with kindness. I appreciate you!
Angela S Avatar
Angela S
Brandon was amazing very professional so happy with results
Scot Rafferty Avatar
Scot Rafferty
Great local family owned business. Very knowledgeable and personable. Won't use any other plumbing company!
Palma Brown Avatar
Palma Brown
They get it done
James Denes Avatar
James Denes
Love this company they are fast efficient and do great quality work !
crista peace Avatar
crista peace
Tony was just awesome, if u ever wanna feel like family is entering your home, Mountain high plumbing is the way to go. Communion was great and conversations were humbling Call them and talk to them, you won't regret it
Robert Bishop Avatar
Robert Bishop
Exceptional service. Quality work. Wonderful communication and understanding. Very grateful to mountain high plumbing for working on on our plumbing. Rare services.
Victoria Cook Avatar
Victoria Cook
Did a good job on leaking toilet. Tech was courteous, on time and professional.
Jackie Clark Avatar
Jackie Clark
Bird came out quickly yesterday morning and explained the game plan to get our pipe fixed so we could get our water back on fast. Bird was polite, patient and efficient. He made the calls needed to get our plumbing appropriately marked so we'd avoid damage with digging. He was EARLIER than what he told me to plan for, which I appreciated. It is hard to find reliable people in Northern Arizona for most repair services, and the company we used for our last plumbing issue was a literal nightmare. Thank you for making this issue as painless as possible. This is the only company I'll call for my plumbing issues.
Averie Elias Avatar
Averie Elias
Super nice and knowledgeable plumber DeMarcous great guy! Showed up on time got it done.
Matt Fabritz Avatar
Matt Fabritz
Tony replaced our hot water heater and, as always, he was very competent and knowledgeable. He has repaired several leaks and really knows what he is doing.
A W Avatar
Tony Pye at Mountain High Plumbing really helped us out. Our hot water heater went out in our vacation rental, I called around looking for bids and his was by far the most fair. Upon accepting his bid, he had the parts and problem resolved within 2 days. I highly recommend Tony and Mountain High Plumbing!
Jonathan Thorpe Avatar
Jonathan Thorpe
These guys are amazing, they are very helpful and good at what they do.They replaced my sewer line under my house due to leaks and did a fantastic job. If I have anymore problems, they're my number one on my call list.
Anonymous Traveler Avatar
Anonymous Traveler
Preston is a great guy and took the time to diagnose our issue. The response to our call and to fix the issue was super prompt. We woke up to a a substantial leak from our bathroom to our garage. We were so freaked out, there is never a good time for plumbing issues. Preston and Mountain high care and resolved our issue.
linda B Avatar
linda B
Prompt and very professional!
Jennifer T Avatar
Jennifer T
Great affordable service.
Andrew Shouse Avatar
Andrew Shouse
Great company good to know there’s an honest and fair plumber out there. I’d recommend to all my friends.
Darin Ross Avatar
Darin Ross
Friendly, fast, informative. BEST Service!
Christi Sorrell Avatar
Christi Sorrell
I work here😁
Logan Stiver Avatar
Logan Stiver
Solid work
Rodney Piper Avatar
Rodney Piper
Most reliable plumbers in Flagstaff. DAVE and BIRD are great!
Tara Lehr Avatar
Tara Lehr
I used this company to re-pipe my whole home, Mike and Logan did an amazing job and completed everything in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend this company!!! Very professional and completed everything they said they would do. Can't say enough about the service!! Great job guys!!!! Thanks
Jeffrey Walter Avatar
Jeffrey Walter